We are continually investing in new cutting facilities and now have 5 semi-automatic bandsaws capable of straight cutting all sizes that we stock in bundle form.

    Short lengths down to 5mm can be cut from 12m feedstock and tolerances as tight as +/-1mm can be achieved.

    We can also offer individual marking and identification as well as bundling into kit form to enable you to process the steel more efficiently.

    Shotblasting and Painting

    We have recently invested in a new innovative paint line that has the ability to apply both water and solvent based paints.

    This advanced paint line system is complementary to our Gietart shotblasting line, which can uniquely process material up to 2.6m in width.


    Here at Steelstock services we operate drilling line service with milling tools and full scribing facilities.

    Coordinates can be received electronically via Stu Cad producing information in DSTV and/or CAM formats.

    Alternatively we can input from physical drawings.

    Steelstock Services hold CE approval for drilling up to Execution Class 4 which means you can assured of the quality of product that we will deliver.

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