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For your peace of mind, we only source steel from mills with the appropriate accreditations and certifications and all our material is CE marked and thoroughly inspected before it makes its journey to you.  All our systems are also geared to ensure you that you get the right quality at the right time.

Steelstock Services acknowledges that it has social as well as financial accountability, and as such recognises that its responsibilities extend to improving the environmental, social and economic sustainability of all its business operations and processes.

Steelstock Services therefore aspires, and is committed to constantly improving its Corporate Social Responsibility, based upon excellence in:

  • The Health, Safety and Welfare of all employees, sub-contractors and members of the public who may be affected by its work activities.
  • The training and development of all its employees.
  • Quality, consistency and safety of the products it distributes.
  • Environmental and waste management performance.
  • Charitable and socially responsible activities both within and outside the work environment.
  • Improving community relations.

To achieve these aims Steelstock Services Ltd will endeavour to:

  • Continuously improve Health and Safety, Environmental Management and Social Responsibility issues including the establishment of objectives and targets.
  • Fully implement and monitor our Health and Safety Policy and Procedures in line with current Health and Safety legislation and relevant codes of practice.
  • Fully implement and monitor our Environmental Policy and Procedures, including the prevention of pollution, reduction of waste and greenhouse gas emission, and increased recycling in line with current Environmental legislation and relevant codes of practice.
  • Encourage suppliers and sub-contractors to adopt good socially responsible practices.
  • Communicate these requirements to employees and ensure adequate training is provided.
  • Maintain commitment to equal opportunities in employment.
  • Develop Steelstock Services Ltd’s support for local and national charitable activities, including those undertaken by its employees.
  • Foster and develop relations with local communities and schools.
  • Maintain membership and relationships with appropriate trade and public bodies and associations.
  • Ensure adequate resources are available to implement the requirements of this policy.
  • Make this statement available to the public.
  • Review and update this policy during annual management reviews.

Steelstock Services’ procedures and approach to business arising from this policy are to be applied by all of its employees in the course of their work activities, across all Steelstock Services contacts with customers, suppliers, subcontractors and the public.

The co-operation and involvement of employees at all levels is essential for the effective implementation of this policy.  Every employee has an obligation to take reasonable care for their own safety and the safety of the people who may be affected by their acts or omissions, as well as safeguarding the environment and wider society that could also be affected by their acts or omission.


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ICO 9001:2015


BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and National Highway Sector Sceheme 3B