Steelstock Services operates as a general steel trading business with the added service of offering a large range of stocks for sale and delivery within 24 hours from the time of order receipt.

As we are not directly involved in the manufacture of the steel, the environmental impact of our activity is minimal.  However, we are acutely aware of the processes involved in steel making and therefore have a strong policy to mitigate any supply chain environmental impact.

It is the company’s policy to supply and deliver its products in a manner that minimises the impact on the environment where practicable.

The company considers that matters regarding the environment are an objective to be shared by all employees, suppliers and customers of the company and it regards environmental issues as being of equal value to Quality, Health and Safety, or any other business objective.

It is the company’s policy to implement systems for continuous improvement in all fields of operation and these will be integrated into all management functions.

Our aims include to:

  • Determine procedures to assess, monitor and examine the impact of all current or new activities and processes on the environment.
  • Establish monitoring procedures and, where measurement and testing is deemed necessary, ensure that data records and results are regularly kept, maintained and updated.
  • Eliminate or reduce pollutant materials, to help conserve valuable resources.
  • Reduce and re-cycle waste materials, where possible, to help conserve valuable resources.
  • Encourage and empower staff through education and leadership to apply standards both in the work place and at home, which are commensurate with the companies own standards.
  • Endeavour to purchase environmentally preferable goods and services where possible. To use, where applicable, suppliers or supply chains who have proven good environmental track records.

Be totally committed to pollution prevention and strive to comply with all applicable environmental legislation.